Is my Dime Product Real ?

To ensure authenticity, we always advise confirming the legitimacy of your Dime Industries items on our website. Should it fail to validate, there’s a high chance your goods is fake. Make sure you only buy cannabis products from authorized retailers to protect yourself. Upon validating your goods, our “no hassle” limited warranty will become active.

How Much THC Is in My Dime Industries Product?

Firstly, please check our official Product Validation page to ensure that you have validated the product and are not a victim of fraud. Please be aware that the packaging for all of our official items will have a COA on the side to indicate testing. Additionally, testing findings are available to examine on our website under the Product Test findings area.

What’s In My Dime cartridge? Is it CO2 Oil, Distillate, Or Live Resin?


Our Signature Line includes pure, powerful distillate with live resin infusions. We use natural fruit and cannabis terpenes to boost flavor and experience.


High-terpene extract and melting diamonds make up our Live Reserve collection. This preserves the strain’s taste while retaining Dime’s strength.


What Is The Best Way To Store My Device?

It is advisable to keep your gadget at room temperature and to keep it out of direct sunlight or temperatures above 95 degrees. Keeping your gadget upright is the recommended storage position at all times. NOTE: After every usage, the packaging for the Dime Battery serves as a carrying case and is a perfect location to store your gadget.

What Is The Best Way To Clean My Device? (Carrying case)

Rubber alcohol and a cotton wipe (or Q-tip) work well to remove extra oil and any lint or dust that may gather when carrying your gadget. We advise utilizing the Dime Battery package as a carrying bag to keep your equipment safe and hygienic.


What Do The Different Colors On My Battery Mean?

The lights on your Dime Battery may display battery % or temperature, depending on generation. View our keys below!

1st, 2nd, 3rd GENERATION

Green light: 70-100% Battery Level

Blue light: 30-70% Battery Level

Red light: 30% andless Battery Level


Green light: 4.2volts, ideal for Signature Line
Blue light: 3.7volts, ideal for Live Reserve Line
Red light: 3.2volts, ideal for Live Rosin cartridge

Rainbow: pre-heat setting to warm tank (2 clicks)

When your battery starts to flash red at the end of a hit (regardless of generation), it’s time for a charge!

What Do I Do If My Battery Is Blinking White With A Tank Attached?

Take the tank off the battery. Next, pull the oval-shaped positive pin a few millimeters away from the metal on the tank’s underside. After reconnecting the tank to the battery, the blinking should cease.

I Want To Use A Different Battery On My Tank Than Dime Industries’ Battery, Will It Work?

Since our gear works perfectly together, we recommend utilizing our batteries. Using a different 510 thread battery may not work for several reasons:

  • An “air drawn” operated battery without a button will not work. The air holes in our tank prevent air-drawn batteries from working.
  • If your battery pushes up our positive pin, take out the 1000mg tank pin to make contact. Avoid overtightening the cartridge on the battery.
  • Our tank is bigger and may not fit other 510 batteries, preventing a connection. This will cause a blinking battery light.
  • Some batteries are too weak for our bigger gadget and won’t function. You may receive some smoke but not Dime Industries’ complete experience. The Dime Tank requires 3.7v batteries.

We want you to feel Dime pen power and experience. We recommend our battery, although any 510 batteries work.